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Our Philosophy of Care

Our website is intended as an educational resource center; the clinical theories and processes presented are solutions relevant for modern American health restoration issues that I have studied and implemented for over 20 years.

It is not designed to sell you anything or convince you to make an appointment, only to educate you on what we do so you can decide if our clinic is for you. These are the principles we follow in patient care.  Please, take the time to read them and understand our thought process in your assessment and care

So the basic premise we follow is that the body and its parts are capable of healing themselves.

To be healthy is to allow our innate (inborn) intelligence, and internal communication between its parts and cells to move toward health and balance. When a body is in a deficient or toxic/polluted state, there are limits on the matter of the body. We identify and minimize the interference in all the parts of the body and allow the body’s innate intelligence to organize and work toward harmonious actions.

Many people unknowingly believe that the body is stupid by design; they believe it is not capable of functioning without artificial intervention (pharmaceutical drugs).  Please don’t get us wrong, we believe that everything has its proper place, including pharmaceutical drugs.

Our guiding principle is that the body will naturally move from a state of illness towards health if given the appropriate supply and internal environment. Two questions then arise:

  1. What are your causes of disease or infirmity?
  2. What is the ideal internal environment to allow self-healing?

As we answer the first question, we are led directly to the answer to the second one. As long as the causes of the disease are still active in our bodies, we will not have an environment conducive to healing. These are our thoughts on the healing process.

  1. The expression of any disease within the body has a cause, a beginning. The interruption of matters such as nutrient supply, waste elimination, the normal digestion and absorption of food, and communication through the nervous and chemical systems affect our body’s function. The resulting signs are interpreted as disease, premature aging, and deformity.

Historically, man blamed outside factors for his problems, pain, and injury–things such as weapons, poisons, or animals. Man naturally but incorrectly concluded that sickness and disease were also caused by outside factors. It seemed to be consistent with what he saw.

  1. Any successful health improvement comes through the patient’s self-healing response. We do not treat the disease, but begin to remove interferences to the natural self-healing mechanism and innate intelligence of a patient.

We do not heal or cure people. The body, as well as the innate wisdom within the healthy environment of the body, does the healing by creating new, living cells to replace sick or dying ones. That is why healing is not an instantaneous act. The creation or replacement of new cells takes time. It is the inborn wisdom which is responsible for 99.9% of what occurs.

  1.  The body always moves toward balance or homeostasis, Balance is health. The appropriate stimulation and environment keeps one free from disease-causing factors. We have seen patients make miraculous recoveries even after decades of dysfunction.

The necessity for life to exist is to create health through balance. The body works  constantly and consistently at 100% and always in proper proportions form birth to the end.  Human health involves survival (immune response), maintenance (repair), and conservation (aging). When minimizing or eliminating causes of these obstructions then the body can be free to heal itself.

4. A fertile internal environment is conducive to self-healing (repair) and optimum communication mechanisms. When impeded from deficiencies (shortage), toxicities (excess), or poor elimination (pollution) for decades then illness occurs.

With extremely rare exceptions, this self-healing response can only be achieved using strictly natural,drug-free methods that have been provided by God/Nature which have been available to man for thousands of years.

5.  These natural healing methods include: food-based vitamins and herbs, chiropractic, whole food, and contemporary homeopathy (vibration medicine).

An effective program that corrects nutrient deficiencies must be:

  1. Capable of addressing digestion and malabsorption.
  2. Focused on delivering nutrients in a natural, whole food (or herb) base that is non-toxic and recognizable by the body.
  3. Focused on helping the patient make dietary and lifestyle choices that aid in their recovery.
  4. Individualized and tailored to the patients’ unique health status.  This means no mindless “cookbook” recommendations.

Please take a look around our website for more answers to your questions about back pain relief though spinal decompression therapy and other related questions. Our care is intended for the prospective patient who is looking for “out of the box” solutions to their chronic health issues, even those which no one else has been able to solve.