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What is Microcurrent Therapy?

Microcurrent therapy is a modality used for pain management, rehabilitation, and wound healing. We have found it to be especially effective in the relief of pain from peripheral neuropathy. “Microcurrent” refers to an electrical current which is in the millionths of an amp. The currents are about 1,000 times less intense as those in traditional electrical stimulation. Because the current is so low, it cannot be felt. Our bodies actually produce this current on their own within each cell. It is the same electrical charge of our brainwaves and heartbeat.

Benefits of Microcurrent Therapy

These are some of the physiologic effects in the use of microcurrent as confirmed by research studies:

  • Improved circulation of blood and lymph
  • Reduction of inflammatory processes in the body
  • Reduction of degeneration through promoting proper function of connective tissues
  • Faster and more efficient wound healing
  • Boost in ATP production in cells
  • Better bone healing
  • Strengthened tendons
  • Restoration of healthy nerve function

Do I Need Microcurrent Therapy?

Microcurrent has shown to be helpful in these situations:

  • Rapid pain relief
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Inflammation
  • Scar tissue
  • To accelerate rehab after injuries or neurologic degenerative diseases
  • Pediatric care

Our microcurrent device uses either pad electrodes or probe electrodes for greater precision. Treatments are further specialized for each patient by using varying waveforms, frequencies and polarities. Color light therapy may also be added to boost the effects. If you believe you may benefit from this therapy, please contact me for a free consultation.

Dr. John G. Marone, D.C.
Holistic Chiropractor