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6 Tips for Sleeping Without Pain Tip #6: Check Your Mattress to Be Sure It Is Supporting You Properly

If the mattress you’re sleeping on isn’t good, no matter what you do, you won’t be getting a good night’s sleep and may even be exacerbating the issues you are already experiencing.

The recommended life span of a mattress is 8 years. After that, the materials begin to break down and become less supportive. If you are having persistent back pain, an older mattress could be a source of your pain. When it is time to look for a new one, or if you feel that you need to make some changes, here are a few suggestions:

  • Choose a firm mattress over a soft one.
  • Some mattresses are built specifically for lumbar support. You may want to look for one of those.
  • Buy from a merchant who offers a satisfaction guarantee. New mattresses may require a “break-in period” of 1-2 weeks before they feel really comfortable to you. If after this time, though, you are still not happy with your mattress choice, you want to be able to exchange it for another model–you will be spending approximately 1/3 of your days on it! It may cost a little more to get the return option, but it would be better than living for years with a mattress that is incompatible with your back.
  • If it is not time for a new mattress yet, but you still feel that you need more support, try putting a sheet of plywood beneath your mattress or between your box spring and mattress. Another option is to place the mattress directly on the floor.
  • While you are assessing the mattress, don’t forget the pillows. All pillows are not created equal. Today pillows are made specifically for people who are side sleepers or back sleepers. A large body pillow may work best for you. Find a store where there is someone who can explain to you the difference, and make an informed decision.

We hope that these tips have been helpful! Please share with us how you have been helped. Have a great night’s sleep!

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*The information in this article is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and does not substitute for a thorough evaluation by a medical professional.  Please consult your chiropractor or physician to determine whether these self-care tips are appropriate for you.
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